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Melitina Staniuta: “You should always move forward!”

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This girl is present and future of Belorussian rhythmic gymnastics. Melitina Staniuta won “Bronze” at World Championship (All-Around) in 2012 at the age of 17. Then there were serious injury, return to the elite gymnastics, dozens of medals and London Olympiad. Melitina’s path is not paved with roses, but she never gives up as she believes the best will come.

Melitina has come from Italy recently, where she took part in Club competitions and won. Last week she won 3 finals of World’s Cup at International RG Tournament  “Miss Valentine 2013” in Tartu, Estonia. This topic was the first thing she discussed with the reporter:

-          Club competitions always bring joy, but bronze medal at World Championship in Japan was more important for me. There were more competitors in Japan than in Italy, so the level of competition is higher. Though any win is a pleasure for me, I give a higher rating to Japan bronze. And it goes without saying, that 2 golden medals and 1 silver medal at “Miss Valentine” is my success.

-          Everybody is used to listen to the Russian hymn playing at the award ceremony. But this time Belorussian hymn played in Italy. Did you feel anything special?

-          I am always asked about the feelings which lack. I feel them after 3 hours if the best happened. I feel happiest next morning when I am awarded with the medal, the mood gets better in spite of the fatigue and great desire to come back home as soon as possible.

-          You are supposed to have the best form right now…

-          No. I’m getting good condition for main competition. But now I perform not worse than earlier. I managed to keep good fit after the rest, because I worked hard before it. Perhaps, now I’m calmer inside than earlier.

-          You’ve been tortured with injuries for a long time. How do you feel now? Better?

-          Yes. Nothing bothers me, except old problems with the feet. But I’m used to them. Human can adapt to anything including injuries. It’s unpleasant, but I don’t worry about it so much. I am training anyway and my foot isn’t in plaster.

-          Last season wasn’t easy. What did it teach you?

-          I always get something new, I always learn. If the year is ordinary and gray. It’s sad. I need to live in the world of struggle and competition, cut my own throat, suffer from disappointment, win.

-          Rhythmic gymnasts lead a crazy life. Lazy ones don’t survive…

-          I agree. Everyday we spend 8 hours in the gym, so we don’t have time for laziness. Many gymnasts are studying at the same time and want to see more than sport club “Dinamo”. This way of life helps to achieve the goals. And it’s better than inactivity, as you want get good results lying on the sofa. My every minute is planned, and it couldn’t be a waste of time.

-          London Games became a terrible ordeal for you, didn’t they?

-          Olympiad is an examination for every sportsmen. I performed 5 days at the World Championship, and only 3 days at the Olympiad, but that was enough to work 100% hard psychologically. Only this title “Olympic Games” causes adrenalin splash. It’s very useful experience, growth of sport spirit. And I can tick off in my biography, as I’ve withstood this check. All my efforts were directed to these two words “Olympic Games”.

-          Careers of many sportsmen can be divided to the periods according to  Olympic cycles…

-          I have shorter pieces… Word Championship 2009, Word Championship 2010, Olympiad…

-          Do you really never give up?

-          Yes, in life. If I start something I can’t stop. It’s in my nature. I am very particular about the words. If I promise something, even to myself, I go all the way. Sometimes I don’t have enough time, get tired so much, but I stand firm.

-          What is more important for you? Medals or fans recognition?

-          These are the halves of the one unit – sport success. You can be adored by the audience but take only 12-13th place. You loose the apparatus, but you’re loved – is the consolation for the weak ones. The second variant: you’re awarded with the medal, but the public doesn’t like your performances. You feel as if the judges drag you in by the head and shoulders.

-          Olympic games finished, the time for new ordeals has come…

-          You should always move forward – new season, rules, programs, peaks. Sometimes it’s useful to look back, but not for a long time.

-          Do you have new hobbies or interests?

-          I’m studying for driving. Bearing in mind how often I travel, I think about the car seriously, moreover I have problems with my feet. Though many people, men, for example, are against women driving. I do understand that they like to watch a girl crossing the road, but still… they should try to wear high heels during the whole day, perhaps, that would make them understand us.

-          Do you read during the flights?

-          Yeah, I’ve finished “Three Comrades” by Erich Maria Remarque recently. Now I’m absorbed by “The catcher in the rye” (J.D. Salinger). I understood that I should fill the gaps of classical literature knowledge. I even have a list of the novels I should read.

-          Are new competitions coming?

Yes, some of them are important because of the medal, some of them – because of the fans recognition…

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