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Competition Dresses for Figure Skating

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 Competition dresses for figure skating

A sport characterized by turns, spins, steps, jumps and a lot of dance movements, figure skating is a beautiful and artistic activity. It has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the world, being among the highlights of the Winter Olympics. In figure skating, just like in every other sport, having the right costumes and apparatus is important for an excellent performance. Choosing the right competition dresses for figure skating helps the athlete to reflect her personality and also match the theme of every dance. Finding the perfect dress can be easily achieved by following some simple tips.

Types of Figure Skating Dresses

There are two types of figure skating dresses. Competition dresses for figure skating are the most exquisite skating outfits for girls available. These types of dresses are flamboyantly designed for performances to attract the attention of judges in a competition. Practice skating dresses are made for rehearsals, hence being less glamorous than competition dresses.

Tips for Choosing Competition Dresses for Figure Skating

There are a lot of styles and brands of competition dresses for figure skating. This might make it a bit tricky to choose the right ice skating competition outfits. With the tips highlighted below, you can be sure what to look out for when shopping for skating costumes.

Fabric: The fabric of your figure skating outfit goes a long way in determining how well you can stretch while skating. It is best when your figure skating dance costume is made of four-way stretch material as this gives you all the freedom you need to move. Dresses made of net fabric, velvet, and lycra are the best for figure skating because they allow a four-way stretch and are usually form-fitting.

Competition ice skating dresses: how to choose the fabric?

The right figure skating dress fits perfectly and remains in place while you skate. With Gymnastics Fantastic, only the fabric of high quality is used.

Neckline: Pay attention to the neckline of the ice skating dress before choosing it. The neckline adds to the comfort of the dress as it allows figure skaters to breathe easily while competing.

Сompetition skating dresses: pay attention to the neckline

Body types also matter when considering the neckline of a figure skating costume. High necklines fit some body types while low necklines fit others. Some figure skaters, for instance, are not comfortable skating with a collar around their neck. This makes turtle and mock neck skating dresses unsuitable for them.

Fit: The fit is the most important thing to consider when choosing a competition dress. Your figure skating dress should fit snugly without being too tight. It should fit perfectly like a one-piece suit.

There are simple ways to determine if your skating dress is the right size. Your dress is too big if there are ripples and wrinkles when you put it on. In this case, you should try a smaller size. On the other hand, if your dress pulls and constricts when you put it on, then it is too small. In this case, you are better off getting a larger size.

Competition ice dance dresses: how the dress should fit

Many parents believe that a figure skater should grow into a dress, therefore, buying bigger sizes. This is a wrong strategy to follow as a competition dress should fit in order for the figure skater to have an amazing performance.

Skirt Styles: There are a number of skirt styles that all serve certain purposes on skating dresses. It is important to know the purpose of each style before choosing the one you want. These styles include layered skirts, bell skirts, and slant skirts.

Ice skating competition outfits should have a suitable skirt

Layered skirts usually provide more space for movement and are also accentuated with different colors. Slant skirts are designed to have more flow, elongating the body structure. This is a great choice for shorter girls that want to look taller. Bell skirts enhance the body figure.

Purpose: It is important to note the purpose of the skating dress as well before choosing one. Do not purchase a practice outfit for competition.

Figure skating competition dresses decorated with crystals

Figure skating dresses for competition are usually brightly colored with a lot of crystals for decoration. Ice skating competition outfits should fit tightly without putting the figure skater in discomfort. It is also recommended to choose a dress that matches your music.

A soft Spanish song, for example, needs a soft pink dress while loud music requires a more flamboyant dress.

Final Thoughts

Choosing competition dresses for figure skating is so much easier when you shop in the right place. Gymnastics Fantastic is the place for you if you are particular about the qualities of figure skating dresses discussed above.

We are a customer-friendly online store that caters to all your needs when it comes to gymnastics wear. We offer figure skating dresses, leotards, athleisure items and other sportswear that you need for training. There is international shipping available with an amazing customer experience guaranteed. You can contact us for more information by email at, and we will reply within a day!

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