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Figure Skating Dress: How to Choose the Perfect One

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 Figure skating dress: how to select one?

Figure skating dresses are an important part of the ice skating equipment set because this kind of sport is very artistic. Whether you are a young lady looking for awesome girl’s skating outfits for yourself or a parent searching for attire for your child, the perfect ice skater dress can impact the competition or even the training phase. It is important to consider the purpose of the costume, athlete’s personality, budget, personal preferences and seller’s selection among other things. Therefore, finding a suitable seller is one of the first things to be done. With this in mind, it should be easy to select the perfect dress for ice skating.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Figure Skating Outfit

You have probably seen those Olympians gliding effortlessly on the ice in beautiful competition dresses for figure skating of different kinds so you know that there is quite a wide selection to choose from. Although, not everybody does skating to compete in the Olympics. For many, it’s a hobby. However, regardless of the reasons you are skating, you want to look great while doing it.

Perhaps, you want to try a new style and go for a green skating dress. It is also a nice way to stand out among the many types of dresses ice skaters wear. The main thing to consider when choosing a skating outfit is the purpose of wearing it.

The Purpose of the Dress

Is the dress meant for practice, testing or a special performance or competition? If you are looking for an outfit for practice, you may consider a black figure skating dress as a fit for you because any stain may not show too much. On the other hand, a white dress may not help you stand out in a competition or performance. Another thing people look out for is the background. The ice may be white, but what color is the background and how does this contrast with ice skating outfits?

Types of Figure Skating Dresses

Based on purpose, there are two types of dresses:

  • For training  and practice
  • For performance or competition

A Training Dress (Practice Dress)

Figure skater dresses selection: main types of dresses

Unlike a performance dress, a training dress is something you will use several times or for a long time. Therefore, when going through figure skating dresses on sale on your journey to find a practice or training dress, you should have durability in mind. It is important to wear comfortable outfits during practice. If you train in uncomfortable clothes you will be miserable every time you train, and it may affect your training. Durable high-quality material will last longer than flimsy material so that you do not have to keep looking for new skating outfits all the time. Heavy material leotards or dress lining will also help protect your body in case you fall. 

A Competition Dress

Ice skater dress: how to make the right choice

Perhaps, the most important among the ice skating outfits is the competition dress. That does not mean that training and testing dresses are not very important parts of the process. During the competition, you want to stand out. You want to make the experience very memorable. Choose a dress that shows your personality. This can be done by going for a bright color and a great design. A good dress is a big part of a skating competition.

The Brand

When choosing from ice skating dresses sale or just searching for the best option, it is important to consider the brand. Some brands offer great competition dresses in different designs and a wide range of colors. They also have suitable materials to increase outfit durability.

Does the Dress Fit?

Look for a skating outfit that fits. No matter how good a dress is in terms of material and color and uniqueness, if it doesn’t fit it may not only be bothersome in training but may also make you lose a competition.

Consider Your Budget

No matter how you like a dress, you have to go by your budget. If your budget is low you can find an ice skating dress sale if you search well.

The Climate, Location, or Temperature

Even though skating is on ice wherever you are, some areas are geographically different. Climate and temperatures vary. When choosing from the wide selection of ice skating dresses, you should consider the climate of the area. For instance, skating in Dubai or South Africa is different from the climate in Finland.

The Manufacturer or Retailer

Figure skater costumes: choosing a reliable manufacturer is important

Manufacturers of skating dresses create them with the purpose of the dress in mind. There are many to choose from, but it is wise to buy from manufacturers of reliable brands or retailers with a good reputation.

One reliable and highly-rated seller of figure skating dresses is our online store. It offers a wide selection of skating dresses for every purpose. It has also got a colorful and visual display with clear photos and descriptions. The site is easy to navigate due to the simplified listing of the departments and outfit categories on the left side of its homepage. The checkout process is also very smooth.

If you are looking for the perfect skating dress, Gymnastics Fantastic is a great place to shop for leotards, figure skating dresses and lots of other sportswear. We also do international shipping on orders. We offer dancing, gymnastics, and skating outfits for girls with a wide selection of great and unique designs. Order-specific custom tailoring ensures uniqueness. Both the affordable pricing and smooth ordering process make it a great choice for shoppers of skating dresses.  

To place an order or get more information, you are welcome to send us an email at We will respond within a day!


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