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How to keep apparatus in good condition

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After you purchase the rope, it’s necessary to cut it in accordance with the height of the gymnast. Both end of the rope are supposed to be cut in order for center point couldn’t be changed. Also, similar knots should be tied on the both ends.

Your coach knows better how many centimeters you should cut, so you may ask her. Rope is supposed to have the correct length when it’s higher than armpits and it ends near shoulders, if a gymnast stands on the center of the rope with her both feet together.

Ends of hemp rope can be secured by threads stitching, ends of nylon rope – by burning.

Nylon rope can be handwashed, or you can set up “delicate wash” on your washing machine. Water shouldn’t be warmer than 30°C, also put not so much powder, and never use whitener. Thus the rope will keep its color and brightness after washing.

It’s not recommended to wash hemp rope as it loses its color and becomes gray.


Polyethlene hoops are flexible and couldn’t be broken. However, such hoops have one minus – they could lose their shape (take oval form or form of “eight”) if you use them incorrectly. In order to avoid deformation it’s necessary to do the following:

-          After you purchase the hoop, cover it with adhesive tape and secure it with the one layer of transparent scotch tape. Thus, your hoop will gain the necessary grams it should have according to FIG (it’s weight should be minimum 300gr) and it’ll also become firmer

-          Keep your hoop in horizontal position (otherwise it deforms)

-          Take care of the hoop when it’s hot as it is more subjected to deform, and when it becomes cold (at night) again the hoop can freeze in the wrong shape.


It’s necessary to keep the balls in the soft cover, which will secure them against the scratches. In winter time it’s better to keep them in the warm cover, because distention and depression of the air inside the ball cause bad effect on its coverage. 

It’s not recommended to swell and blow off the ball too often (for example, if you want your luggage to be more compact) as it causes bad effect on the nipple.

Ball can be washed with the warm water and soft cloth. After that, dry it with the dry cloth.

Before you swell the ball, moisten the needle of the pump in order not to damage the nipple.



The main problem that can occur with this apparatus is that clubs are very fragile. However that concerns only plastic clubs. If they fall on the concrete floor or floor without carpeting, they will break. So if you are training in the gym with such floor, it’s better to buy rubber clubs which are firmer.

One more tip about rubber clubs: colorful coverage rubs off little by little. In this case you may use your imagination and paint the clubs (use aerosol paint) in any color you like.


Ribbons can be washed in the same way as ropes can. After several laundries ribbon becomes too soft for usage. That’s why you should starch your ribbon after every laundry and then iron it as you usually do.

Any anistatic substance can prevent your ribbon from sticking to the leotard and carpet. Spray it along the whole length of the ribbon.

If you want to paint your ribbon, use only special acryl paint for fabrics or permanent highlighters. After you painted the ribbon dry it, put a thin woolen cloth on it and iron with the steam, set up the hottest temperature on the iron. Painted ribbon can be washed in cold water with the powder, which doesn’t contain aggressive whiteners.


It’s better to carry the stick in the special cover, if you’re in the public transport it’s better to carry it in hands and not in the rucksack or bag.

Always check if the spring hook works well before competitions. If some of its parts are deformed, it’s better to perform with another spring hook or plait of threads instead of it.

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