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TOP 10 Unique Christmas Presents for Rhythmic Gymnasts

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Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s December 2013. Holidays are coming. And it’s time to think about the Christmas presents for your friends and relatives going in for rhythmic gymnastics. It goes without saying that, every rhythmic gymnast is dreaming about some special thing for Christmas. And you have a great chance to get such present at our web-store!

Here you can find custom made garments for rhythmic gymnastics training and performance from simple tip-toe slippers till leotards for competition. Buying the unusual gifts for your RG friends means they are really personalized and shows people how much you care!

Read on to see 10 great extraordinary gifts for rhythmic gymnasts.

10. Hairstyle goods

To have all the rhythmic gymnastics elements and rhythmic gymnastics exercises rehearsed carefully – is what your RG-friend needs for a great rhythmic gymnastics performance! Functional and original hooks for ponytails or bright bun cover hair net will be a pleasant and simple gift for any rhythmic gymnast, whose hair should look not only original and beautiful, but also practical, neat and firm in order to match the whole image

9. Bright RG Keychains

Rhythmic gymnastics is not just a sport for girls, it’s a way of life, way of thinking. And that’s why every detail is important up to rhythmic gymnastics souvenirs.

Sometimes such trifle as keychain in the form of rhythmic gymnastics ball, rope or toe slippers, can become a good Christmas present. Branded ball, let it be just a souvenir, means you belong to the majour league!

Moreover, these souvenirs are so beautiful and bright, that your RG-friend won’t be able to stand but want to take them in her hands, fix them to her rucksack or keys!

8. Toe slippers

Your friend is dreaming about some extraordinary toe slippers of high quality? Then present her with “Grishko” demi-slippers, which are ideal for rhythmic gymnastics performance! It’s a nice and practical gift from Russian producer!

7. Covers for RG items with the name of gymnast

You can present your RG-friend or child with the coolest and best-looking bag for rhythmic gymnastics items. Bright covers, painted with acrylic paints will save the items in excellent condition! We can easily write on the covers the name of the gymnast or any congratulations from you, including such motivation phrases as “Don’t give up!”, “Eat Clean”, “Stronger than yesterday” etc.; it will make your present more special!

6. Things, that really warm

It’s a great pleasure to get presents, that really warm, especially in winter. For instance, gymnasts will highly appreciate such items as legwarmers or warm-up booties as they won’t let their muscles to sprain during the warm-up, they’ll add them confidence and keep their feet and ankles warm during the breaks. Moreover, if your RG-friend takes part in competitions, these presents are for them! Rhythmic gymnastics competition is a serious trial both for nervous system and organism in general. So, no wonder, that it’s necessary to prepare for rhythmic gymnastics competition carefully. Make your friend well-equipped and ready to win!

5. Gymnastics T-shirt

T-shirt is always a good and practical gift for those, who lead active way of life. This custom made T-shirt with a graceful gymnast, whose outfit is also decorated with Swarovski crystals, will be a pleasant present for Christmas, as it demonstrates the favorite sport your friend goes in for!

4. Fairy-tales clothes for training

Everybody knows that miracles happen on Christmas. And this is a good idea to present your RG-friend with the miraculous training clothes from fairy-tales about Gymnastics-Fantastic princesses. Any item from this collection will bring luck and beauty to a rhythmic gymnast!

3. Rhythmic Gymnastics Set

Rhythmic gymnastics set is a great gift for any rhythmic gymnast as it contains all the necessary things she needs all the time:

•          Under Leotard

•          Gymnastics demi-slippers Grishko

•          Leotard Cover (“Watercolor” collection)

Just take all the necessary measurements from your RG friend and indicate them in the order.

2. Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus

Most part of rhythmic gymnast exercises is done with the rhythmic gymnastics apparatus – ropes, clubs, ribbons, balls, hoops). If you know the favorite item of your RG-friend, you can make her happy buying it at our web-store, she’ll definitely find a use for it!

1. Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotard

And of course the best Christmas present for rhythmic gymnasts throughout the world is a rhythmic gymnastics leotard for competition! This is the most important thing in their RG-life!

So, you can make your RG-friend happy by ordering a custom complex rhythmic gymnastics leotard or a simple one (for little gymnasts). Choose the model together with your friend from our catalogue, take all the necessary measurements and order it in 2 clicks!

Moreover, we create leotards according to the sketch of our customers. If your friend has a leotard of her dream, we are ready to create it for her with joy and warmth in our hearts! The cost is calculated individually in this case. We can create a sketch for you or make leotards she’s dreaming about according to the photos you provide. All these leotards can be sewn in accordance with your individual measurements in a very compressed time frame (2 weeks) without trying on. Set your imagination free and make your own leotard

So, you see, how many variants of gifts you have for Christmas! Choose anything your RG-friend would like and make her really really happy! Merry Gymnasticable Christmas! 

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