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Yana Kudryavtseva told about her plans for Stuttgart!

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The World Championship starts on September 7th. Just a few days are left to get everything ready. All gymnasts train hard to make their performances perfect but Yana Kudryavtseva took some time off.

At the World Cup stage in Kazan Yana Kudryavtseva got a slight injury that’s why she didn’t perform at separate exercises. She and her coach told everything about the injury and the preparation process for the World Championship.

Very often unexpected things happen right before the most significant and important events. At first, they seem to spoil all plans. Will it happen to Yana Kudryavtseva?  Will Yana be able to perform as perfect as usual? Let us find it out from the following interview!

The World Cup stage in Kazan is over. The Russian gymnast, Yana Kudryavtseva didn’t perform at separate exercises because of foot injury. Yana Kudryavtseva became second at the All-around competitions yielding the victory to Margarita Mamun. Yana told about her condition to a special correspondent of Sport Preparation Center press service, Mark Shkoda.

-          I’m all right. I’ve just had a little discomfort in my foot that’s why I decided to give it a rest for a while, - Yana Kudryavtseva said – In several days I’ll start training again. How can I evaluate my performance at the All-around competitions? I had a disappointing mistake at clubs exercises but, at the whole, I think I performed well.

-          Are you going to have any control performances before Stuttgart?

-          No, I’m not. I’m going to have several days of rest and then I’ll have a final stage of preparation for the World Championship. This preparation is the same as the preparations to any other competitions. But the workload is bigger because it is the main start of the season.

-          How many hours per day do you spend for preparation?

-          We don’t leave the hall until two or three trainings are done. In general, it lasts for 6 or 7 hours.


The personal coach of the gymnast, Elena Karpushenko, also commented on this situation on the threshold of the World Championship that starts on September 7th in Stuttgart.

-          How will Yana’s injury affect the preparation process for Stuttgart? The doctor of our team said that it would be unnoticeable, - Elena Karpushenko said – It is not a strain. Yana wasn’t badly injured – there was a reaction on a great workload in the zone of ankle’s growth. We had three World Cups in a row. Now we will have several days of rest. We’ll hope that this time will be enough for Yana to fully recover.

-          How do you evaluate Yana’s performance at the All-around competitions? She made a little mistake in the clubs exercises.

-          It was not connected with her injury – Yana made a technical mistake. The other three kinds of performances were great.

-          Will Yana be able to fight this situation from psychological point of view when there is so little time before the World Championship?

-          She wants to rest for a while and then she’ll continue training at her full capacity.

-          Are you going just to improve some elements of performances before Stuttgart?

-          Yes, we are going to work on some technical elements. We want them to look completed and perfect.


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